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Why choose us?

VillaNaBali is the largest Russian-owned travel agency network in Bali, with a strong focus on organising villa rentals for the lucrative markets of Russia and the former USSR. We provide first class management and marketing services for villa owners that want to be professionally presented to the thousands of travellers who are enjoying the financial rewards of their countries' economic boom by choosing to travel to Bali. In addition to the Russian-speaking market we have a strong network of international agents to deliver and distribute information about the properties that we exclusively represent worldwide.

Our goal is to ensure that each villa in our portfolio is maintained and serviced to the highest standards, thereby maximising its earning potential and providing the very highest levels of service and comfort to guests. VillaNaBali will assume responsibility for every aspect of management, from the staffing, maintenance and service of the villa, to the administration, marketing, reservations and contracts.

We believe that villa guests should be able to enjoy the full benefits of high-class villa accommodation without having to sacrifice in terms of quality and service, while owners can relax in the knowledge that their villa and guests are being well taken care of.

What we do?

Using our years of experience in online and offline marketing can build the image of your villa using its unique characteristics to gain the highest occupancy rates possible. Your villa will be presented in our very select portfolio of exclusively marketed and managed villas, ensuring that your villas are not just well-run vacation homes but are also lucrative investments.

In addition to our management services we also offer the following services at no extra cost:

- Well-written and/or translated villa descriptions in different languages including English and Russian.
- Short presentations with detailed information about villa rates for clients and travel agents.
- Internet presentation and web site.
- Handling of all communications with potential clients who wish to communicate in either English or Russian.
- All ground handling services for villa guests; from greeting at the airport through to organising professional tour-guides as well as offering other logistical and general support.

Please contact us by email to request more details about business opportunities for your villa or villas for the Global international and Russian-speaking markets.

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